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battlefield 3 mav elevator patch

battlefield 3 mav elevator patch

Battlefield 3 � New patch will bring more balanced rounds. by André under Game, News The MAV can no longer be used as an elevator. C4 will no longer be  WillR 85 - Battlelog / Battlefield 3 · i got a mohawk, Mar 14, 2012 .. I m thinking hurry the f--- up with the 360 patch already Looking forward to them cutting the MAV elevator the most. ShredderMaximus, Apr 1, 2012. on the ground to deploy the MAV in order to collect information about the battlefield Figure 2.1 US Army soldiers using an MAV 3 MAVs with infrared sensors in order to detect dry patches of ground in orchards 4 . For the system to accomplish lift with limited surface area, the required airfoil shape must be defined. Battlefield 4 tops the pre-order charts for next gen systems -- the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. I doubt we will have the same patch-fest we had in BF3 for guns. Vehicles and destructibility Or the MAV elevator glitch Or the  Battlefield 3 Centurion C RAM addet mich auf der PS3 KILLER111 Battlelog Luemmel4. Metro Bipod Glitching This topic is on going - posted in Battlefield 4 every with metro however you have 3 flanks 3 different ways to push through and back cap . I know if I get repeatedly killed by mortars, I m busting out a MAV. if I m admin for being in a wall while laying prone under the elevators. Page 6- Battlefield 3 OT2 Mine RendeZook Pre-patch maybe, but certainly not now. And yes, the MAV elevator needs to be patched out. Battlefield Bug Tracker. Dog Tags / Patches, Major, New, 2016-02-11, Counter dog tags. 0001092 · 2 · 1 .. Level/World, Trivial, New, 2016-01-09, BF4 CTE Elevator Button . Gadgets, Minor, New, 2015-12-19, MAV Voiceovers Not in English Gadgets, Minor, Fixed, 2015-12-14, MBT law ammo replenish time is still 3. Battlefield 3 To Get Rebuilt With Massive Upcoming Patch. Posted by rlemar The MAV can no longer be used as an elevator. Players may 

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